The sensor is the start of the process, and the backbone to providing you with an accurate count.

Our sensors are continuously being refined for performance and accuracy – you can expect a constant minimum of 95%+ accuracy. Many of our clients report accuracy in excess of 98%.

Our sensor is small and discrete, ensuring it remains unobtrusive in your building. With the ability to configure multiple counting zones – set up specifically for each sensor during your installation – no person escapes. Every count is then date and time stamped. You can also see if the person is coming in or out of your building.

Aesthetics are key to every installation and we have a variety of peripherals devices to ensure that each and every location just disappears into the existing environment.

Our system is compliant with RoHS & WEEE Directives, plus FCC & EMC legislation.

In line with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, all iC sensors are packaged in reusable, recycled cardboard boxes for easy disposal.