We know it’s not enough for you to just measure footfall. You want to harness that data, and make sure each retail outlet is producing the very best return on investment.With our comprehensive set of software tools you can measure how successful your marketing has been – right down to town or store specific promotions, window and in store displays or other initiatives. Whilst your tills can tell you of your sales success, by dovetailing with our system, you can assess your conversion rate, and the critical lost opportunities.

Resourcing your busiest times of the day and week will help to keep your queues to a minimum, whilst maintaining higher levels of customer satisfaction. All of this is possible with our reporting.

Any number of factors can affect store performance, and our data will help you identify these. You can analyse your data easily, so you can predict the effect school holidays, seasonality, the weather, staff absence and so on is likely to have on each store.

We have been working with prestige retail brands for many years, including Nike, Molton Brown and Guess.

If you’d like to know how to drive the maximum value from shopper counts, please contact us on +44 (0)118 932 4660.