We want you to exploit your visitor counting data, so we offer a range of support services to help you. We want to make sure your data provides the real time, tangible intelligence you need for your organisation.

By understanding what the key metrics and KPIs are for your site we can make sure you have the right reporting in place. We will support you in drilling down into the data – interpreting it to drive improvements in your organisation’s performance.

As well as giving you ideas and recommendations to ensure you get maximum return on investment from your iC system, we constantly seek feedback from you. Our software is regularly developed and updated. With each upgrade we endeavour to build in the specific requirements of our customers.

Of course, we can also provide bespoke upgrades to the software to ensure it meets your unique needs too.


We know it’s not enough for you to just measure footfall. You want to harness that data, and make sure each retail outlet is producing the very best return on investment.

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We know accurate visitor counts are essential for your reporting to national bodies like the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

But it can be so much more. In the increasingly competitive environment, having in depth visitor intelligence can be immensely powerful.

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