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Towner Art Gallery

“I really enjoy working with Intelligent Counting. All of the team are a great credit to the management – they are professional and helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

The system is wonderful and really helps us to deliver everything we need to our statutory partners and sponsors. It gives us confidence knowing we can accurately report the visitor numbers, and track a very impressive trajectory moving from 80,000 to 140,000 visitors.

We can measure what activities work, and really nail return on investment. Just as importantly, it gives us the power to make key strategic decisions, such as expanding opening hours, by tracking historical visitor numbers. I’d happily recommend them.” Niamh Pearce, Towner Art Gallery


RAF Museums

“Intelligent Counting genuinely care about their customers, and that really shines through in their service and delivery. They are very professional, quick to respond and everything is delivered with a minimum of fuss.

We are absolutely delighted with the system, and the impact it can have on the museums. It has already had a financial effect – enabling us to sell the concept of fundraising and sponsorship more effectively, knowing that we can be confident of our visitor numbers. We are planning to exploit the commercial value even more in our retail areas, as well as supporting the visitor experience.“ Paul Hudson-Knight, Head of Marketing, RAF Museums


National Museums Scotland

“Intelligent Counting are definitely passionate about service quality and they deliver it really well. We get a fantastically quick response, even at the weekends. When site visits are planned everyone is well prepared, on time and on site with a minimum of fuss. Frankly, I couldn’t ask anything more of them.

Our visitor numbers go hand in hand with everything else in the business. There are a lot of decisions made based on those figures, so we have to have faith in the system – and we do, there is no question about it.” John Anthony, National Museums Scotland


National Galleries Scotland

“We are delighted with the team at Intelligent Counting. They are on the ball, and very responsive, in fact almost instantaneous, whenever there is an issue – which is seldom. Diana is great. She really challenges us to evaluate the way we do things, to ensure that we get the most from the system and really take advantage of new features.

We are confident the data is accurate, and producing reports is now so much easier. The information is helping me to support specific strands of the business. It is particularly powerful for forward planning when we are organising private viewings and events. We are really excited about the new software release too – it does everything we could ask for and more!” Ashleigh Watson, National Galleries


Science Museum

“We’ve worked with Intelligent Counting for a number of years, and it is always such a positive experience. The team are very supportive, they are always available, no matter what the time of day, and work incredibly quickly. They monitor and evaluate the system and take a proactive approach – they even ask us if there has been a problem with an entrance, to make sure the data is accurate.

As well as complying with our commitment to provide accurate numbers for our funding, we are able to give detailed information to our sponsors, which is really valued. But it is so much more than that. It is amazing how many people are really getting into the data now. Our people are constantly asking what else can we do with this information.

It is now driving information on conversion rates, trade ups and stock control in our exhibitions, simulators and retail areas. We can use this to accurately forecast and compare historical data. And we use it to manage capacity from a security perspective across the museum too. Who knew all the extra information that could be gained from pointing a camera at people!

I love it that reports get generated and emailed automatically to relevant people – it certainly saves some of the spreadsheet headaches. Everybody in the team thinks the data is great. We love Intelligent Counting!”  Jon Kaddish, Visitor Services Manager, Science Museum


V&A Museum

“The V&A have been working with Intelligent Counting for many years now. The equipment is very discreet, which is very important to us – aesthetics plays a huge part in our ethos. The system is very robust and very accurate. Whilst we started using the system to provide accurate figures for our funding, we have found the data to be exceptionally useful in ways we didn’t envisage. Controlling the levels of visitors in areas of the museum with restricted volumes, understanding the dynamics of our visitors – their journey through the building and when they are coming, is very exciting and has proved hugely beneficial.

I find Intelligent Counting’s level of professionalism outstanding – they are very proactive and offer a very good service. They are always ready to listen and to help. They are extremely supportive and clearly have a passion for what they do. We really value our relationship with them.”  Erik Vieira, Senior Security Manager, V&A Museum